Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Evanescence Gets "Lost in Paradise"

This just in! Evanescence announces new single. (Drum roll, please...)

"Lost in Paradise"

I'm pretty pleased by this, especially since the third single from their self-titled third album was originally set to be "Made of Stone," which I think is not really as memorable of a song. In fact, I'd venture to say that "Lost in Paradise" is quite possibly the best song on "Evanescence."

Amy Lee, lead vocalist of Evanescence, has stated that the song's lyrical content speaks apologetically to the band's fans for being gone for such a long time. She got "lost in paradise," so to speak, doing normal everyday things with her husband. The whole time, however, her love of Evanescence made her miss the creative writing and recording process.

The sound of this song, to be released as a single on May 25th, is largely that of a power ballad. This provides a nice break from the hard rocking songs on "Evanescence," which, while great, get a  wee bit monotonous. Starting out with just a piano, Amy emotes breathy vocals for the first verse. The rest of the band then joins in at the chorus for a stronger sound. In this regard, it is much like "My Immortal," though I think that it's even better. With the lyrics being more poetic than straightforward, such as was found on Ev's sophomore album, "The Open Door," a nice companion is provided for the dark sound that fans fell on love with on their debut album, "Fallen." By the end of the song, it's just Amy and the piano again, representing the same vulnerability from the beginning of the song that is stunningly gorgeous.

A music video is to be released soon, according to the band. Expect to see it here very soon after it comes out. For now, here's the lyric video:

It's, admittedly, not the most exciting video in the world. But I still think it's worth a watch. While the visuals may be a bit repetitive, they are interesting, original, and capture the feeling of the song pretty well.

What do you think of this music news, my dearies?



  1. For some reason, I thought Evanescence has been dead for some time...

  2. They took a long break, but they're back and better than ever!