Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj Teams Up With Chris Brown and Nas for New Music Video

Just last night, Nicki Minaj released the music video for "Right by My Side" featuring Chris Brown.

Before I say anything about it, give it a watch below.

My verdict is that it's...ok. I mean, the love scenes are cute and the chemistry seems pretty genuine, but I have a few criticisms as well. First of all, why was Breezy not the main love interest of the video? After all, he and Minaj are singing to each other, so it would've made a little more sense. Nas did a decent job with the acting, but perhaps an appearance by him in a Nicki video could have been saved for "Champion," which he is featured in along with Drake and Young Jeezy.

I think more of a story could have been developed as well. For example: the lovers experience a quarrel at the beginning of the clip and make up by the end of it, in addition to their scenes of being blissfully happy with one another. And as far as the song itself, click here if you don't already know what I think about it. Just for the record, I still love darling Nicki. This video isn't terrible, but I just think that it could have been even better if a few adjustments would've been made. That's all.



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