Monday, December 17, 2012


I have another song for you, dahling! It's called "Every Day." Here it is:

This is another one of the songs that I plan on producing a demo for. Exciting, no? Let me know what you think!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Sing It!

Once again, I find myself saying that it's been a while. Stupid life...

But! I have something special for you today. An original song, entitled "This Is My Life."

Here it is:

I'm planning on producing demos of this song and about 3 others. It's pretty exciting stuff. Stay tuned. :)

So what do think??


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Listen Between the Lines

Lifehouse has recently enlisted the help of Natasha Bedingfield for the song "Between the Raindrops."

Between the Raindrops with You
I'm kinda diggin it. It has kind of an old west sound, especially with the bassline at  the end. Both vocalists sound good individually and have a nice balance of octaves and harmony when singing together.

A few days ago, it received a music video. Here it is:

First off, NB looks amazing. Also, I think the visuals fit the song well. So I don't mind the lack of a cohesive storyline too much.

What do you think, music munchkins?


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Florence + Calvin Harris

= Awesome

Florence and the Machine (+ sign optional) frontwoman Florence Welch Recently teamed up with producer and DJ Calvin Harris for "Sweet Nothing."

Dapper Dame
Here is its official music video:

Both the song and the video bear striking resemblances to "We Found Love," Calvin's smash hit with Rihanna from last year. That's not a bad thing either- I love that song. I'm just sayin.

What do you think, fellow music maniacs? Love it, hate it, or somewhere inbetween? Let me know!

Jake + Kelly = See Ya

Monday, November 12, 2012

American Idols

The theme of this post is quite apropos, because I auditioned for American Idol about a week ago. Therefore, I decided to write about my two favorite alumni from that show. Here we go!

Idol Worship
First up, Adam Lambert. Although he didn't win, I feel like he deserved it. The title track of his current album, "Trespassing," is soon to be released as a single. I would've preferred a different song, but I'm still ok with this one. A music video will be sure to follow, so stay tuned for that. For now, here's the lyric video:

Next is the amazing Ms. Kelly Clarkson. The first winner of AI, and still probably the most successful person to come out of it, has recently come out with a new single, entitled "Catch My Breath."

I won't be told what's supposed to be right.
The production seems, literally, like a breath of fresh air while the lyrics speak of several things: Kelly reflecting on her life so far, stating gratitude for her success, and standing her ground on the fact that she will live the rest of her life exactly the way she wants to. The music video came out just today. Here it is-

Really cool imagery. However, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on here. And I gotta say, while she looks great, her hair is a little too blonde.

See what I mean?

Another new single from KC, pictured above, is "Don't Rush," featuring Vince Gill. This is definitely more country leaning and speaks of wanting to take it easy. And I actually really like the harmonies on the chorus.

Both singles are in support of Kelly's upcoming album "Greatest Hits - Chapter One." It's about time the girl had a greatest hits album! Lord knows she has plenty of hits on her hands.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say for now. Gonna go to bed in a minute. Wish me luck with my own potential American Idol journey~

-Jake Kelly

Her Diamonds

...Rihanna's, that is!

Yellow Diamonds in the Light
I was pretty surprised to hear that Rihanna was releasing a single to support a new album so soon after "Talk That Talk." I guess I shouldn't have been though, because Riri pumps out music like clockwork. The aforementioned album will be entitled "Unapologetic" (for obvious reasons) and will be released on the 19th. Has anyone else noticed that her albums get released in November a lot? I hope it's a good one, because I've already mentioned on this blog several times that I wasn't the biggest fan of TTT. Although I still love her. <3

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
"Diamonds," which has so far peaked at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 since its release in late September, is a midtempo love song. It brings in Rih's Caribbean roots and is decidedly more positive than a lot of her past songs. I like it, for the most part, except for the part where she sings "shine bright like a diamond." That part just sounds a little...childish or something.

Here's the official music video, which came out just a few days ago:

Pretty amazing imagery, though I'm not sure if it represents the song all that well. Perhaps a more cohesive plotline would've worked better? Let me know what you think of both the video and song!


P.S.- Here's a clip of the Barbadian songbird singing the song on Saturday Night Live from over the weekend:

The whole greenscreen thing is kinda awkward. But she sounds decent.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Nicki Barrage

Nicki Minaj is, once again, quite the busy woman. Here's what she's been up to lately.

Her song with Cassie, "The Boys," recently received a music video.

Very colorful and crazy. Just like her. And she and Cassie seem to have girl crushes on one another. ;)

Also, she teamed up with Justin Bieber for "Beauty and a Beat."

It's fun and everything, them making a splash and all, but I'm not sure I get the whole homemade vibe. I think I would've preferred something else. Oh well.

Within the past few weeks, a music video was released for "Va Va Voom."

The fairy tale influences here are obvious. I'm not sure if it was executed in the best way though: it looks a little low budget-y and the story line seems a little scattered. Kinda cute though.

If you want it, I'm gonna be va va voom voom.
Within the last few weeks, she also released a brand new single, entitled "Freedom." I just listened to it, and here's what I think: the lyrics are pretty awesome. They speak of her newfound fame, address her haters, and, of course, establish a feeling of freedom. However, I feel that it's a bit ho-hum musically. Don't hate it, don't love it.

Lastly, she's starring in a special on E! called Nicki Minaj: My Truth. I saw a bit of it this morning, and I plan on finishing it soon. I'll let you know if it's any good. ;)

-Jakey Mirage

P.S.- This came out not too long ago as well:

Nicki gets a little more serious here, but I like it, even though she seems a bit pasted-in. Also, I think Alicia Keys is making a statement about working mothers. Did you catch the Mary Poppins Reference?

P.P.S.- Found this just a bit ago. Kinda lazy, but iss ok. Nick's mad busy.

P.P.S.S.- This came out very recently:

Kinda cute, albeit the shaky text is kinda weird. I wish they had had text for the spoken part about fragrances. Also- wtf does "burn a L" mean? lol

Update: This was released just hours ago-

The biblical imagery is pretty interesting. And did you notice that they put the wrong year at the end? Lol!

Canadian Cutie Carly

...Rae Jepsen, that is!

This kiss is something I can't resist.
The Canadian Idol alum's most recent single is entitled "This Kiss," from her appropriately titled album "Kiss." It has a real 80's dance vibe to it, which is pretty awesome, IMO. Lyrically, it is about trying to resist someone at a club.

Here is the music video, which came out in the past few weeks:

It's cute and fits the song pretty well. She also makes partying seem a little classier than a lot of other artists. And did you catch the Saved by the Bell-esque outfits toward the end?

My favorite song of hers, however, is "Tonight I'm Getting Over You." From the aforementioned album, it packs a whallop on the dance floor. And it has become one of my favorite break up songs ever. I blasted it in my car just this morning. Rumors are circulating that this is soon to become a single. I sure hope they come true!

I think this girl has real talent and can last longer than a few hits, such as "Good Time" and "Call Me Maybe." I guess we'll just have to see what happens. What do you think?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Triple Threat

That's right, I've got a trifecta of music videos for you today- and all from fabulous blondes to boot.

First up is "Your Body," by Christina Aguilera.

I kinda like it. It's sexy with a twist. I also like how she's embracing her new-found curves. :)

Next up is "Try," by Pink (or P!nk if you fancy).

This is different for her. The dancing is amazing. And the visuals seem to be deeply symbolic.

The last offering I have for you tonight is "Die Young," by Kesha (or Ke$ha if you fancy).

Released just the other day, this video features Ke$ha as the leader of a fictitious cult wreaking havoc on a small Mexican village. She would sneak south of the border to raise a little hell. Too bad she and her comrades got caught in the end.

Do you like these vids, my pretties?


Friday, November 9, 2012

British Invasion!

Let the return begin!

I finally have some time to post this weekend. That, and I was inspired by my good friend and fabulous new follower, Tyler. :) So prepare ye for a lot of new content in the next few days.

Anyway, the title of this post is quite fitting, namely because I was a British punk from the 70's for Halloween this year. I even had a whole backstory and everything- my name was Axel Ansel, lead singer of the band Acid Reflex and cousin to Sid Vicious of The Sex Pistols. Pretty cool, huh?

Right Proper Bloke
British artists have always been very popular (see: The Beatles, The Spice Girls, etc.) and they still are today. There has been a particular explosion of Brits on the music scene lately. Let me share some highlights with you.

One Direction- "Live While We're Young"

Simon Cowell's hitmakers from The X Factor bring the party on this track. It may sound pretty similar to some past songs of theirs, but I think it's even catchier. The lyrics, true to form for this boy band, tow the line between naughty and innocent.

Muse- "Madness"

I quite like this song. I heard it for the first time on Saturday Night Live (on which they did quite well, I must say) and a few times on the radio since. It starts out with a chill vibe and ends quite gloriously. Lyrically, it speaks of looking back on a relationship gone sour.

Ellie Goulding- "I Know You Care"

This song is not a single, but it still received a music video. Here it is:

It's pretty touching, isn't it? It kinda makes me want to see the movie that it's on the soundtrack for. And that scene with Dakota Fanning being carried on the motorcycle so she can view the horses because she's too sick to do it on her own chokes me up every time.

The song itself is simple and quite sweet. The sound is that of a stripped down acoustic ballad. And Ellie croons the heartfelt lyrics beautifully. <3

Adele - "Skyfall"

This song serves as the theme song for the most recent James Bond movie, of the same title. Side note: it came out in The States today and I'm seeing it in about 20 minutes. So excited!

Adele is, as always, a vocal knockout in this song. It features an amazing orchestral score and even incorporates the classic James Bond theme. It has a very old sound to it. Lyrically, it speaks of standing tall in the midst of tragedy, which I think is very fitting for a Bond movie. In fact, I think I'd even go as far as to say that it's the best Bond theme ever. Nice work, Adele.
Oh, and also- one of the piano parts toward the end totally reminds me of "The Other Side," by Evanescence. See if you can catch it!

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned. Glad to be back. :D

-Jolly Old Jake

P.S.- Also new from Ellie Goulding, a music video for "Anything Could Happen."

You already know what I think of this song, but this music video is...Idk. Kinda cool, kinda weird. Just like her. Lol

Friday, October 19, 2012

Here's the Thing-

I've been really busy lately. I mean...what with school, work, etc. it gets kinda hard to maintain a blog sometimes. That's why I've been slacking on the posts as of late.

However! I promise that I have lots of goodies stocked up. Be patient, dearies. :) I won't disappoint.

Basically, what I'm saying is that very (hopefully) soon, there will be an explosion of posts. Do not be alarmed when this happens.

That is all.


P.S.- I'm excited to come back. :D

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Party Like An Animal

Ke$ha is releasing music again!

Her new song, which came out just yesterday, is called "Die Young." It is the lead single from her upcoming album, "Warrior." Said album is to be released on December 4th.

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.
I quite like this song! It's different for her, but not too different. She still has her white girl rap thing goin on and it's definitely party-suitable, but there are also more elements of rock music implemented this time around. And the guitar part reminds me of "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida. The lyrics are trashy good fun as well- "that magic in your pants, it's makin me blush." Nice one, Ke$h.

Here's the official lyric video, which was uploaded to her Vevo account earlier today:

I like it. My only qualm with it is that not all of the lyrics are displayed (some of them are even shown in Japanese). Other than that...awesome.

What do you think, animals?? I'm pumped! :D


Monday, September 24, 2012

Nicki Minaj Explosion!

Nicki Minaj is quite the busy woman these days.

The girls throw it right back to the boys.
Nick has a ton of singles coming out right now. She just barely released "The Boys" with Cassie, a tongue-in-cheek poke at...well...the boys over alternating dance beats and acoustic guitar. The track serves to promote the re-release of Nicki's latest album, entitled "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up. BTW, that title is kind of a hot mess. It added onto something that already sounded like a re-release, but oh well. Next will be "Va Va Voom" and I heard rumors about "Marilyn Monroe" after that. For my take on those songs, click here.

As far as featured singles go, "Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)" was released recently. The Nickster gets serious here, as her rapping is almost that of a whisper. Alicia Keys, who is the main artist, belts it out in this triumphant self-empowerment anthem. Also, "Beauty and a Beat" will soon be released as the next single from Justin Bieber's current album, "Believe." Nicki plays around with the Biebs here as he sings that all he needs is "a beauty and a beat." Nice crossover to the clubs, JB, now that you're old enough to go to one. ;)

Lil Wayne also enlisted NM to rap on a song called "Mercy" for his "Dedication 4" mixtape, though it will likely not become a single. Both are badass with a touch of crazy, of course. Production-wise, it's a midtempo grinder. There was slight controversy that arose from the fact that in her verse, Nicki said "I'm a republican votin for Mitt Romney." She cleared up the issue later on Twitter, explaining that it was her alter ego, Roman, saying that; not her. She is a firm supporter of Barack Obama.

Also, Minaj is set to be a judge on American Idol. The panel has been changed quite a bit, actually. With her, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban will join Randy Jackson as judges. The new season will premiere in January. I may or may not watch it, depending on if I have enough time to do so.

Last but not least, here is a creepy/amazing music video with Nicki alongside B.o.B for "Out of My Mind."

 My favorite part is Dr. Minaj. :)

What do you think, fellow Barbz? Can't get enough of Ms. Minaj?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Christina Aguilera has recently gotten back to what she does best: singing about sex.

All I wanna do is love your body.
She has recently released a single called "Your Body." It's about exactly what you think it's about. And it's decently catchy too. Hopefully, this will continue the singer's recent success with ventures like "Moves Like Jagger" with Maroon 5 and popular singing competition reality TV show, The Voice, on which she serves as a coach.

The album that is associated with this song is due on November 13th and will be entitled "Lotus." I sincerely hope that that is not a vagina reference, as she is kinda famous for making such references at this point. I really liked her last album, "Bionic," and feel that it didn't get the success it deserved.

A music video will be out soon, so I'll post it here. I'm rooting for you, Xtina! Are you rooting for CA too?


Here's a teaser for the vid-
Looks like it'll be pretty sexy. :)


Here's another one:
She's such a tease. ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Karmin Says "Hello"

I've never talked about this duo before, but I quite like them: Karmin.

Instant Karma
Their most recent single is called "Hello," from the band's debut EP of the same name. It was released a while ago (July), but is only just starting to make an impact on the charts now. Sometimes, it just takes time.

Instant Karmin
This track is mostly rapped, except for singing on the chorus and bridge. Amy Heidemann's flow is like Nicki Minaj had a baby with Ke$ha, which I love. The singing sounds nice too, of course. Lyrically, this song introduces Karmin to the world and speaks of big dreams. The production is that of techno meets pop. Fun stuff. :)

Here's the official music video-
I'm sure it's very symbolic, but I'm not quite sure how.

Besides "Brokenhearted," I consider this to be the best cut from "Hello." I found the rest of the EP to be rather passable. Would you rather say "hello" or "goodbye" to this song?

-Jaken (not stirred)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And Rihanna's New Single Will Be...

"Cockiness (Love It)"
Suck My Cockiness
Two days from now, this song will be released as Rihanna's next single. Like most of "Talk That Talk," I don't really care for this song. I mean, the dirty lyrics are funny and all,'s a half catchy. In other words, I'm not really diggin the whole mid-tempo thing: catchy, but only halfway. :/

remix has been made, featuring the equally dirty rapper, A$AP Rocky. Yeah...I've never heard of him either.
I really hope your next album is better, Riri.


Monday, September 3, 2012

Evanescence Happenings

No word on the "Lost in Paradise" music video. Come on, guys...
But yeah, I'm still eagerly awaiting the official music video for LIP. As I've stated before, I find it to be (quite possibly) the best song off of Ev's current self-titled album. There is so much that could be done visually with the song that would be just breathtaking. Its lyric video came out in May, so they seem to be taking their time with the actual music video. Let's hope it'll be worth the wait when it finally comes out!

In the mean time, the band has released "The Other Side" as a radio-only single.

Come and take me home.
This song is a classic Evanescence hard rocker laden with suicide-contemplation subject matter. Not my favorite, but I still like it. Here is its lyric video:

Not the best, I gotta say. There are some mistakes (see if you can catch them!) and it's just...not that exciting.

What do you think, music maniacs? Let me know!


Friday, August 31, 2012

Taylor Swift Makes Her Feelings Very Clear

"We are never ever ever ever getting back together." -We get it, Taylor.

On Taylor Swift's frank new single, the verbosely titled "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," she (yet again) tells a boy off. Shocker.

Watch your back.
This is the most pop I've ever heard her. And I kind of like it. :)

Here's the lyric video, which is actually kinda cute in its own way:

A music video should be out soon, and I'll post it here.

Anyway, this song is from her upcoming album "Red," which is due on October 22nd. I'm not the biggest T-Swizzle fan, so I probably won't be buying it; but I thought I'd mention it, in case any of you guys were.

Anyway, have a great Friday! :D


P.S.- Here's the official music video:

Kinda cute, kinda weird.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nicki Minaj & House Guests Unveil New Music Video

"I'm Santa Claus to these hos without a reindeer." -Nicki Minaj, cutting down her competition through the medium of rap.

You not a believer?
Just a few days ago, Nicki Minaj released the music video for "I Am Your Leader." In it, she teams up with Rick Ross and Cam'ron (who are both featured in the song) to have a house party of sorts. Check it out below!

I like it. It's colorful, but still badass, which works pretty well for the song. There's not really a story; but Nicki's really entertaining to watch anyway, don't you think?


P.S.- It remains to be seen whether this song will be released as a single. As I've said before, I don't care for the song too much. That being said, I do appreciate the bravery of releasing a music video for a non-single track from a promotional standpoint: it's reminiscent of Beyoncé in her heyday. :)

Update: NM also recently made an appearance in this music video with Waka Flocka Flame, Tyga, and Flo Rida-

Bump 'n Grind

P.P.S.- Aaaaand this:

Do you think maybe they love strippers?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Lukewarm Arabian Night

Last weekend, I went to southern Utah with fellow blogger Jonathan Revell of Rubber Duck Activist. One of the main goals of the trip was to see some plays, namely Les Misérables at the Cedar City Shakespeare festival and Hairspray at the Tuacahn amphitheater. Sadly, Les Mis was sold out and Hairspray just didn't fit our schedule. So we went to Aladdin at the Tuacahn instead.

A whole new world? I think I'll stay in mine, thanks.
I hate to say it, but we definitely saw the worst of those three plays. I will say that the singing and dancing were pretty good. However, there were many flaws that were hard to overlook.

Being a performer, I notice things that many would not. For instance, things that should have been seamless within this production often stood out in a bad way. Two examples of this are some carpets getting knocked over and a fire-based prop not lighting at the right time.

The acting was generally forgettable. In fact, the only memorable characters were the Sultan and Iago, in my opinion. The performance of the Sultan was gentle and kind with a touch of humor, much like the original movie. The actor portraying Iago seemed to be channeling his inner Nathan Lane, and while his character had been changed to a human for the stage adaptation of the film (which I found to be an odd choice at first), it actually worked.

The actor playing the Genie was totally the worst. Not only were his impressions bad, but there were far too many of them as well. He didn't seem to have an "off" button. He would go at such a rapid-fire pace with his pop culture references that the audience had to struggle to even understand what he was saying. It didn't seem to matter to him whether his contributions were relevant- he obviously just wanted the spotlight constantly. He could learn a thing or two from Robin Williams about balance. And I don't like how the director chose to make him the focal point of the finale, rather than Aladdin and Jasmine. Bad call, director.

Like I said, the singing was good for the most part. The actor playing Aladdin was an understudy and it occasionally showed in moments where he would forget certain words, sing wrong words, or the Jasmine actress would sing without him because he was apparently lost. These were my only qualms with this show's musicality. In fact, some of the singing was even great. Three new characters who served to replace Abu and Carpet (Raja was removed as well) had beautiful harmonies, despite being painfully schmaltzy, self-promotional, and just plain annoying. I don't remember their names, nor do I care to.

Also mentioned previously, the choreography and its execution was pretty well done. My only critique there is that there was too much walking around at times, rather than actual dancing. The dancers themselves, however, were very well trained and athletic, performing stunts, aerials, tilts, toe touches, and many other acrobatic feats.

The effects were a mixed bag, much like the rest of the show. The tiger's head cave (you know what I'm talking about) was really cool. It was a mix of water and lights that was the most visually stunning part of the show. I also enjoyed the occasional implementation of the surrounding desert landscape of the Tuacahn and it made me wish it would've been used more. For instance, rather than transform the gorgeous desert backdrop into the inside of the treasure cave, the production team chose to use 3D. Bad 3D, I might add. It seemed gimmicky and hastily put together.

As for the writing of the was terrible. In fact, it was by far the worst aspect of the show. For a more in depth critique of the show's writing (from a legit writer, I might add) click here: Aladdin the musical: Highly contrived adventure

So my final verdict on this show is that it was...ok. But for something that is supposed to be Broadway-quality, that's not exactly high praise. Better luck next time, Tuacahn!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Most people are less busy during the summer. For me, it was the opposite. I've been way busy with school, work, performing, etc. so I'm using this post to catch up on random stuff I've been wanting to say.

They Will Rock You
I had a rockin' good time at this movie! There were so many songs. A lot of them had to be consequentially put into medleys, but it actually worked out pretty well.

Join the revolution!
This movie had amazing dancing and cinematography. The acting and story line were a little lacking, but that's not what you go to a Step Up movie for. My favorite performance was the one with the fedoras. :)

"Billboard. I mean, I'm winnin, but I'm still bored." -Nicki Minaj being quite apropos.
Billboard Music Awards-

The biggest disappointment of the whole night was LMFAO winning best new artist. I mean, they're fun and everything, but...really? There were a lot of performances, which was pretty awesome. Some good, some...not so much. And it was hosted by actors from Modern Family! They were funny and charming as ever. :D

Other, less important award shows are as follows. MMA (in a strictly non mixed martial arts kind of way) aka Modern Music Awards, BET Awards, etc. For these award shows, I saw a picture of Katy Perry dressed as a giant butterfly and heard that there was a censorship fail, respectively, but I couldn't find them. Oh well.

Gleecap! I enjoyed the writing of the very end of the season the most and look forward to the next one. Also, I loved how they used non-single songs, such as Kelly Clarkson's "Cry" and Ke$ha's "Dinosaur."

Smash is a smash! I hate to say it, but I like it better than Glee (the comparison is obvious). It has more original music, better writing overall, and better acting. There were only a few moments from the season that I didn't like, so they're not even worth mentioning. Can't wait for the next season!

ABDC aka America's Best Dance Crew-
The best crew was eh. But I liked the return of the superstars theme. In case you didn't know what that is, it's where the crews dance to the songs of pop superstars. You should know by now that I'm always down for that kind of thing. haha
However, I must say that I was somewhat disappointed by the Rihanna episode. All the songs in it were from her most recent album, "Talk That Talk," which I have previously mentioned only has about two good songs. Said two songs ("We Found Love" and "Where Have You Been") were performed to, but the She has MUCH better songs! Oh well. Better luck next time, ABDC.

Perhaps the most appropriate, I watched these videos on my computer screen.

I Can Only Imagine -David Guetta featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne
Pretty sick. Which prompted me to watch:

He be rockin' them beats.
This documentary of the same name as his most recent album shed some light on the history of dance music and how David was involved with that. He worked long and hard to bring electronic music such as house, techno, trance, etc. into more mainstream forms of music such as pop and hip hop. The way he sees it (and I quite agree), everyone loves to dance, regardless of their style and background. Because of this, musical genres are now blended more than ever before through collaborations and I couldn't be more glad about it. Thanks Davey. :)

Duets~ I was disappointed by the winner. He was good, but my favorite didn't win. I auditioned for this show back in the day, but I don't think they even watched my video. Oh well, maybe next time. There was too much focus on the stars, rather than the "amateurs," whom the show was supposedly about. hmm...

SPICE GIRLS. They were awesome at the Olympics closing ceremony. In fact, they and One Direction were pretty much the only good parts. The rest was a hot mess. It made me want them to make new music! They are also coming out with a musical based on their songs called "Viva Forever," opening in December. Expect to hear more about that, music lovers.

Katy Kats: Claws Up!

From hairbrush to headliner.
This movie chronicled Katy Perry's rise to fame, her life in the past year, and her recent tour. Having watched it, I now feel like I know her better and respect her even more as an artist. It was pretty inspiring as well. It made me think, "Maybe I could be a pop star one day!" The 3D was nice, because it made you feel like you were actually at her concert (I had to miss it back in the day as I was driving back from Oregon). And I loved how well the songs fit Katy's life. <3

K. That's all. Sorry that was so random and rapid-fire. I just had to get that all out of my system before I exploded. lol


Friday, August 17, 2012

Brandy and Chris Brown Put It Down

A few days ago, Brandy and Chris Brown came out with the music video for "Put It Down" in preparation for Brandy's upcoming album "Two Eleven." (not so sure about that title...) Brandy looks great; even in just the ads for it. Here it is:

Like I've said earlier, I don't like the song too much, but its video made me like it a little bit more. B Rocka and Breezy seem to have good chemistry and I like how colorful it is. My favorite part of the whole thing, however, is depicted below.

The return of the braids! :)
Need I say more?


Monday, August 13, 2012

That's All Right

Hey sexy readers~

So remember that contest I was in a while ago to sing on a cool new show? I didn't win. :/ But it's ok.

The old me would've been crushed by something like this. I've gotten older though, and with that, I've learned that it's really never too late. For God's sake- I mean, I'm only 24 and opportunities with always be around.

That's why I felt fine about not auditioning for The Voice either. It was just too close to when school ended. But like Katy Perry once so eloquently put: "Maybe a reason why all the doors have closed, so you could open one that leads you to the perfect road."

I love life. I love YOU. Do you love me? ;)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Material from Ellie Goulding

That's right, Ellie Goulding has a new album coming out in October! It is to be titled "Halcyon" (yeah...I don't know either). The singer has recently released the album's first single, entitled "Anything Could Happen."

I whip my hair back and forth...
This song is like an acoustic song had a baby with a techno song, which is true to form for Ellie. I like the lyrics- they're very poetic. My only criticism is that they're a bit too repetitive, particularly the line "anything could happen."

Above is its official lyric video. All of the photos in it were submitted by fans via Instagram. I think this is a great way to involve fans.

So what do you think of this song? And are you excited for her album? Comment below!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Award? For Moi?

The ever sweet and hilarious Nikole at Stubborn Delight has nominated me for an award. This post is acting as my acceptance of such. Thanks Kolie!

I'd like to thank the academy...
To accept this fun award you must follow the rules below:
1)  Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2)  Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you plus you MUST create 11 questions of  your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award, which brings me to rule 3.
3)  Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
4)  Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
5)  Absolutely NO tag backs.
6)  Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers

Here we go!

11 Things About Me-
1. I'm half vegetarian. No red meat for me!
2. I hate math. :(
3. I'm secretly addicted to Downton Abbey.
4. I'm only 24, but I've lived in 4 different decades. (Think about it.)
5. I used to hate shopping, but now, I actually kinda like it.
6. The like the feel of long hair better, but I think I look better with short hair.
7. I don't believe in guilty pleasures. Just pleasures.
8. I'm getting my bachelors in December. (So excited!)
9. I believe in marriage equality.
10. I consider myself to be agnostic.
11. I've never tasted alcohol that I actually liked.

My Answers to Nikole's Questions-
1.What do you get addicted to more: books, movies, or tv shows? TV shows, cuz once I get hooked in, I feel like I have to follow them regularly.
2. What's your favorite animal? Dolphins! They're really smart and can do sweet tricks. :)
3. Would your prefer dinner and a movie, or something ca-razy for a date night? Depends on my mood, but is it cheating to say dinner and a movie, then clubbing? haha
4. What is your favorite restaurant? Lately, it's La Jolla Groves. Inventive AND delicious!
5. If you could get a random birthday present from anyone in the world, who would give it and what would it be? L.A. Reid giving me a record contract.
6. What can you NOT leave home without? My wallet, keys, and phone.
7. Where do you wished you lived? L.A. or New York. I'm leaning toward L.A. right now.
8. What do you do when you are just unbearably bored?, of course! ;)
9. What's your favorite boy's name? Girl's? Boy: Aiden. Girl: Jade.
10. If you could afford anything in the world, what would you buy? A Hollywood studio.
11. What is your favorite color? Green, because it's vibrant and expressive.

Questions for My 11 Bloggers-
1. What is your favorite band?
2. Who is your favorite singer?
3. What is the first music video you ever remember seeing?
4. Do you sing?
5. What is your least favorite musical genre?
6. Do you play an instrument?
7. What is your favorite song?
8. If you could go to any concert in the world, what would it be?
9. If you could have one talent without putting forth any effort, what would it be?
10. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
11. If you could trade lives with anyone in the world, who would it be?

The 11 Bloggers I'm Tagging-
1. Missy at Misfit Librarian
2. Jon at Rubber Duck Activist
3. Christina at Create With Christina
4. Joe at The Boy Next Door
5. Donna at Happy Valley Kellys
6. Bradley Stern at MuuMuse
7. Nyrie at Life's Little Blessings
8. Nyrie at Old Brazil
9. Trent at Pink Is the New Blog
10. Kate at Kate and Neil's Awesome Blog
11. Amy at Chris & Amy ...But Mostly Amy

That was fun. It's nice to do something different every once in a while. Have a rockin' day.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lady Gaga Announces New Album Title

Exciting news! Just yesterday, Lady Gaga announced the title of her next album: "Artpop." It is due out early next year.

Gaga, oh la la!
Stylized as "ARTPOP," this is the perfect album title for Gaga. It's like the inverse of Warhol-esque pop art: pop culture inspired by art, rather than the other way around. Besides, she's not just a pop star, she's a performance artist.

According to Gaga's manager, the album will feature "insane, great records." The singer herself stated that this album will encapsulate a "lack of maturity" or sense of responsibility, which I'm guessing means a carefree kind of vibe. No release date has been set yet, but I will definitely be posting updates about this upcoming album pretty frequently- Gaga is my favorite. :)

Are you as excited as I am??

-Jakey Gaga

Monday, August 6, 2012

Vote for Me!

I need your help! I entered a contest to sing on a TV show called Opening Act and I need votes to win. Would you be so kind as to click on the link below and vote for me?

Thanks a bundle. Oh, and today is my birthday. Best birthday present ever. ;)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bust a Move

That's right, folks! Another dance video. This time around, it's the tango.

I like the intrigue and mystery in this dance. Also, the movement and musicality of it is similar to that of the foxtrot, but it's lower and more...sensual. I only wish I had had a rose in my mouth. ;)

This will be my last video for a while. You see, this is the last video from my last dance class in college (Bittersweet, I know.). And as far as singing and stuff goes, while I can do that on my own, I'm saving up for a better camera.

But anyway, let's not dwell on that. For now, just enjoy the video. And have an awesome day.


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Matchbox 20: The Boys Are Back

"North"- The title of Matchbox 20's upcoming album, dropping on September 4th.

I've never been the biggest fan of Matchbox 20, but I kinda like their new single.

Mean Girls finish...?
As the above depicts, it's called "She's So Mean" and the title says it all as far as the lyrics go. It has a cool retro kind of feel, while still sounding fresh and original. My only qualm is that some of the words are pronounced weirdly by lead singer Rob Thomas, which was my biggest qualm with this band back in the 90's: it made them sound sort of like a Pearljam or Creed knockoff. :/

The music video, which was released a few days ago, can be seen below.

The concept of this video is pretty literal- she' mean. But I think it's cute in its own way. And it fits the song pretty well.

A lyric video, which is becoming an increasingly popular way to promote songs, was released earlier. It's practically a music video within itself! I quite like it.

See what I mean?

So what do y'all think? Do you dig this new track? Or should the guys of Matchbox have stayed put in the 90's?


Friday, August 3, 2012

The Latest from Alanis

Alanis Morissette is back on the music scene and I'm pretty happy about it. I've been listening to her stuff since I was in kindergarten, literally. Talk about about school. ;)

So Called Chaos
Her forthcoming album "Havoc and Bright Lights" is due out in about 3 weeks. She's been promoting it pretty heavily. This includes performances, music videos, and two singles that compare and contrast in different ways.

Now enter the watchwoman.
The first of these is called "Guardian." Its sound is both hard rocking and lighthearted at the same time. Lyrically, I'm guessing that it was inspired by her experiences as a mother. Here is its music video:

This video is very symbolic and meaningful. I think the themes were represented quite well throughout. And I love her glittery guitar. :)

I can see clearly now.
The next single off the album, which came out just a few days ago, is called "Lens." Its sound is similar to that of the previous single, being driven by a mid-tempo rock feel. However, the lyrical concept is very different in that it speaks of falling out of love with someone. Have a listen below-

What do you think, reader of mine? Are you glad Alanis has returned? Lemme know!