Monday, November 12, 2012

Her Diamonds

...Rihanna's, that is!

Yellow Diamonds in the Light
I was pretty surprised to hear that Rihanna was releasing a single to support a new album so soon after "Talk That Talk." I guess I shouldn't have been though, because Riri pumps out music like clockwork. The aforementioned album will be entitled "Unapologetic" (for obvious reasons) and will be released on the 19th. Has anyone else noticed that her albums get released in November a lot? I hope it's a good one, because I've already mentioned on this blog several times that I wasn't the biggest fan of TTT. Although I still love her. <3

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
"Diamonds," which has so far peaked at number 4 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 since its release in late September, is a midtempo love song. It brings in Rih's Caribbean roots and is decidedly more positive than a lot of her past songs. I like it, for the most part, except for the part where she sings "shine bright like a diamond." That part just sounds a little...childish or something.

Here's the official music video, which came out just a few days ago:

Pretty amazing imagery, though I'm not sure if it represents the song all that well. Perhaps a more cohesive plotline would've worked better? Let me know what you think of both the video and song!


P.S.- Here's a clip of the Barbadian songbird singing the song on Saturday Night Live from over the weekend:

The whole greenscreen thing is kinda awkward. But she sounds decent.

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