Sunday, November 11, 2012

Canadian Cutie Carly

...Rae Jepsen, that is!

This kiss is something I can't resist.
The Canadian Idol alum's most recent single is entitled "This Kiss," from her appropriately titled album "Kiss." It has a real 80's dance vibe to it, which is pretty awesome, IMO. Lyrically, it is about trying to resist someone at a club.

Here is the music video, which came out in the past few weeks:

It's cute and fits the song pretty well. She also makes partying seem a little classier than a lot of other artists. And did you catch the Saved by the Bell-esque outfits toward the end?

My favorite song of hers, however, is "Tonight I'm Getting Over You." From the aforementioned album, it packs a whallop on the dance floor. And it has become one of my favorite break up songs ever. I blasted it in my car just this morning. Rumors are circulating that this is soon to become a single. I sure hope they come true!

I think this girl has real talent and can last longer than a few hits, such as "Good Time" and "Call Me Maybe." I guess we'll just have to see what happens. What do you think?


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