Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Party Like An Animal

Ke$ha is releasing music again!

Her new song, which came out just yesterday, is called "Die Young." It is the lead single from her upcoming album, "Warrior." Said album is to be released on December 4th.

Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young.
I quite like this song! It's different for her, but not too different. She still has her white girl rap thing goin on and it's definitely party-suitable, but there are also more elements of rock music implemented this time around. And the guitar part reminds me of "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida. The lyrics are trashy good fun as well- "that magic in your pants, it's makin me blush." Nice one, Ke$h.

Here's the official lyric video, which was uploaded to her Vevo account earlier today:

I like it. My only qualm with it is that not all of the lyrics are displayed (some of them are even shown in Japanese). Other than that...awesome.

What do you think, animals?? I'm pumped! :D



  1. I saw her fb post about it and I made sure to have the radio on constantly during our trek from Oregon to Provo. I heard it twice. It's has awesome Ke$ha flair!! Makes me proud to be an animal! Well, happy to be one at least! :D

  2. I wrote this post with you specifically in mind, Kolie. :)