Monday, September 3, 2012

Evanescence Happenings

No word on the "Lost in Paradise" music video. Come on, guys...
But yeah, I'm still eagerly awaiting the official music video for LIP. As I've stated before, I find it to be (quite possibly) the best song off of Ev's current self-titled album. There is so much that could be done visually with the song that would be just breathtaking. Its lyric video came out in May, so they seem to be taking their time with the actual music video. Let's hope it'll be worth the wait when it finally comes out!

In the mean time, the band has released "The Other Side" as a radio-only single.

Come and take me home.
This song is a classic Evanescence hard rocker laden with suicide-contemplation subject matter. Not my favorite, but I still like it. Here is its lyric video:

Not the best, I gotta say. There are some mistakes (see if you can catch them!) and it's just...not that exciting.

What do you think, music maniacs? Let me know!


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