Monday, September 17, 2012

Karmin Says "Hello"

I've never talked about this duo before, but I quite like them: Karmin.

Instant Karma
Their most recent single is called "Hello," from the band's debut EP of the same name. It was released a while ago (July), but is only just starting to make an impact on the charts now. Sometimes, it just takes time.

Instant Karmin
This track is mostly rapped, except for singing on the chorus and bridge. Amy Heidemann's flow is like Nicki Minaj had a baby with Ke$ha, which I love. The singing sounds nice too, of course. Lyrically, this song introduces Karmin to the world and speaks of big dreams. The production is that of techno meets pop. Fun stuff. :)

Here's the official music video-
I'm sure it's very symbolic, but I'm not quite sure how.

Besides "Brokenhearted," I consider this to be the best cut from "Hello." I found the rest of the EP to be rather passable. Would you rather say "hello" or "goodbye" to this song?

-Jaken (not stirred)

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