Monday, September 24, 2012

Nicki Minaj Explosion!

Nicki Minaj is quite the busy woman these days.

The girls throw it right back to the boys.
Nick has a ton of singles coming out right now. She just barely released "The Boys" with Cassie, a tongue-in-cheek poke at...well...the boys over alternating dance beats and acoustic guitar. The track serves to promote the re-release of Nicki's latest album, entitled "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up. BTW, that title is kind of a hot mess. It added onto something that already sounded like a re-release, but oh well. Next will be "Va Va Voom" and I heard rumors about "Marilyn Monroe" after that. For my take on those songs, click here.

As far as featured singles go, "Girl on Fire (Inferno Version)" was released recently. The Nickster gets serious here, as her rapping is almost that of a whisper. Alicia Keys, who is the main artist, belts it out in this triumphant self-empowerment anthem. Also, "Beauty and a Beat" will soon be released as the next single from Justin Bieber's current album, "Believe." Nicki plays around with the Biebs here as he sings that all he needs is "a beauty and a beat." Nice crossover to the clubs, JB, now that you're old enough to go to one. ;)

Lil Wayne also enlisted NM to rap on a song called "Mercy" for his "Dedication 4" mixtape, though it will likely not become a single. Both are badass with a touch of crazy, of course. Production-wise, it's a midtempo grinder. There was slight controversy that arose from the fact that in her verse, Nicki said "I'm a republican votin for Mitt Romney." She cleared up the issue later on Twitter, explaining that it was her alter ego, Roman, saying that; not her. She is a firm supporter of Barack Obama.

Also, Minaj is set to be a judge on American Idol. The panel has been changed quite a bit, actually. With her, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban will join Randy Jackson as judges. The new season will premiere in January. I may or may not watch it, depending on if I have enough time to do so.

Last but not least, here is a creepy/amazing music video with Nicki alongside B.o.B for "Out of My Mind."

 My favorite part is Dr. Minaj. :)

What do you think, fellow Barbz? Can't get enough of Ms. Minaj?

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