Saturday, May 26, 2012

Everybody's got a dark side...

Kelly Clarkson is to release "Dark Side" as a single on June 5th from her latest album, "Stronger." This serves as a bit of a departure from her typical pop rock fare.

Even the first American Idol has a dark side.

The lyrics speak of loving someone despite their flaws. I commend this in a song. It's something that doesn't always get spoken about and everyone can relate to. I think it's a great message. :)

It starts off with a twinkling music box type of melody and soft vocals from Ms. Clarkson. The song's sound then grows as Clarkson's vocals steadily crescendo. By the end of the song, the music box has returned and the vocals have been reduced to a mere whisper.

Basically, this song is like pop meets Evanescence. This makes sense, as KC has stated in the past that she'd love to sing with Amy Lee, who is Evanescence's frontwoman. Now there's a collaboration that I'd love to see.

Anyway, here's the music video. It shows several people struggling with issues and coming to terms with them interspersed with clips of Kelly performing the song.

Do you like Kelly's change of pace, or do you think she should have just stuck to the basics?



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