Monday, July 16, 2012

Turn Up the Video

Madonna came out with a brand new music video today for "Turn Up the Radio."

I think the concept is really cute and fits the song well, but I could have done without so much background noise. It kind of distracted from the song and, I mean, it's not like we can't tell what's going on without it. Also, I could see some lighting equipment at one point. Bad form.

Party on Wheels
One last (constructive) criticism- the Italian spoken at the end. I get that it takes place in Italy, but the song is in English. Maybe subtitles or English with an Italian accent instead?

Besides those things, I loved it. Well done, Madge. The summer's not as hot without you. <3


Update: Apparently, the final moment of the video where Italian is spoken translates to: "The party is over now. Fasten the seat-belt, bitch!" Pretty clever. :P

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